You can input the addresses directly into the table...

In this case you can fill the table . In other words you will write the content of the first line, second line etc. If you want to fill the first name, last name, company, street, number, postal code, town, state and country, click on .

QR codes and bar codes

If you want to print a QR code or a bar code on the label, please add the following column headers: for QR codes or for bar codes.

... or you can copy them from the spreadsheet

First of all copy the addresses using Ctrl+C and paste them into the table using Ctrl+V . Then, fill the column headers. To print the addresses correctly, please use the following column titles:
. You can also .

The table is already filled with example addresses. You can arbitrary change them or delete them. If you are done, please press the Next step button below the table.

Information about the sender:

Line 1:

Line 2:

Line 3:

Line 4:

Line 5:

Further options

If you check this option, then for each address the label with the sender's address wil be printed.

Labels 70x36mm

A4-size PDF sheet with 24 labels (8x3 labels).

Labels 2.6"x1"

Letter-size PDF sheet with 30 labels (10x3 labels, Avery WL-875).

Here fill in the headers for each column. Select the column and then click on the button with column name.
Click to add into header (icon ) or remove from header (icon )